Reinventing Workforce Development

Skillsgapp transforms manufacturing and cybersecurity career awareness, access to job pathways and corresponding skills development into fun, engaging mobile video games. Our games offer a scalable, trackable solution to attracting and growing a sustainable workforce pipeline customized to meet your
region’s and industry’s needs while providing middle and high school-aged youth access to
meaningful careers – to include underserved areas.
It's Time to Play with a "Hire" Purpose.

Introducing Gamification Designed to Attract and Grow a More Skilled Workforce

What do you get when you combine over 80 years of experience in economic development, site selection, and generational and educational marketing with renowned gaming developers?

Game-changing approaches to workforce and site development. 

From Economic Development to Site Selection to a new revolution of workforce development, InSite and partner skillsgapp deliver critical need services to our clients, and in most cases, the critical need is the same:  Ready Sites and Ready Workforce! 

By transforming skills development, career awareness and job opportunities into mobile gaming technology, we have revolutionized how the next generation engages in – and views – skills-based careers at an earlier age. By meeting Gen Z wherever they are – on their phones – through fun, mobile skills training customized to go and grow with them, together we can build a more qualified workforce for years to come, even in rural and under-resourced communities.

We Zap Your Workforce Gap

InSite partners with the innovative team at skillsgapp to develop the workforce skills you need in your community, region, and/or state and transforms them into rewarding mobile gaming apps that middle and high schoolers want to play. Whether they are at home, on the bus, in rural areas or inner cities, welcome to the workhorse behind growing your workforce. 

Everybody Wins

  • Middle and High School+ Users: Essential and marketable skills development, along with corresponding
    career awareness, pathways, incentives, and certifications.
  • Industry Sectors: Access to a targeted recruitment tool for a more qualified workforce pipeline.
  • Economic Development Organizations: Data to demonstrate proactive workforce development and
    competitive edge.
  • Schools: Support in generating career awareness and corresponding pathways.

A Track Record of Game-Changing Moves

Since launching in 2020, skillsgapp has developed and deployed free-to-play mobile games from coast to coast,
from rural to inner cities, from cyber to life science. And we’re just getting started.

Skillionaire Games™. Connecting Youth to Life-Changing Careers Through
Game-Changing Play.

Skillsgapp’s Skillionaire Games take your workforce pipeline needs and transforms them into rewarding mobile games that middle and high schoolers love to play. Whether at home, on the bus, in rural regions or inner cities, the more they play,
the more it pays off. And with trackable data and customizable incentives based on a player’s location, performance and proficiencies, your recruitment efforts win big too.

Playing With a Hire Purpose

Each of our games supports the soft and middle skills needed in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive,
life science, STEM, cybersecurity, and skilled trades with customized features to support career awareness and pathways specific to your region. Is there another category you’d like to see?

A New Game Plan

“By the time Gen Z learns about skills-based careers, many have chosen another path. Our mission at skillsgapp is to connect youth to life-changing careers through game-changing play.  Providing awareness and access to these opportunities earlier isn't just the key to our future, but theirs, too." 

-Tina Zwolinski, CEO and Founding Partner, skillsgapp.

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