We believe in being coaches and teammates, not consultants. Our training lies in executing a very complicated and quantifiable multi-million-dollar decision-making model
(whether we are finding ready-sites or getting sites ready)
that is dependent upon the client’s and local economic development organization’s expertise.
Our team is trained to listen to the needs of our clients and use our knowledge to execute a
powerful decision-making model that renders transparent and justifiable results for our
Site Selection and Economic Development Clients all over the globe for any type of project.

A Client Story

Philip A. SmithSite Risk & Due Diligence Manager
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Portland, Oregon
Former JobsOhio/SiteOhio Team

Delivering Results to our Clients

With over 60 years of experience, our multifaceted firm has a team with unsurpassed experience in 
site evaluation/site selection services, incentive negotiations, economic development marketing and consulting, community development and planning and training to  organizations worldwide.  InSite serves organizations of all sizes locating facilities around the world, along with the communities, regions, and states hoping to land such projects. 
Our company and its owners have been in the trenches of local economic development as actual practitioners,
which further differentiates us from our competitors.  With our broad-based background of challenging experiences and our solid record of success, InSite offers much more than traditional consulting firms. Representative clients include
Shell Oil, JobsOhio, Nanolife Technologies (Proton Therapy Cancer R&D Center), Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Caterpillar, American Electric Power, General Electric, North Alabama Industrial Development Association and
Mercedes–Benz.  Our clients will attest we help them meet their objectives with a “push-up our sleeves” approach to achieve intentional results.  The InSite Team includes internationally recognized professionals who strive to
make a difference for all their clients.

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