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Over the last 60 years, InSite has conducted thousands of site selection searches for companies and site assessments for economic development organizations all around the world. We have negotiated billions of dollars’ worth of incentives for our site selection clients and millions of dollars’ worth of funding for infrastructure and due diligence to get sites ready for our economic development clients. Our Team is currently managing and implementing the largest, most innovative, and effective Statewide Client-Ready Product (Industrial Sites/Parks/Buildings) Development project in the country, along with Coaching Site Selection Clients through the new and somewhat elusive element of their industry – All Things Virtual.

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An Industry Truth: A site with mitigation plans equals a site that is not ready or marketable to the manufacturing/industrial client. In addition, the "mitigation plan" phrase automatically brings to the forefront of the client's mind RISK to schedule and cost! The reality is, with enough time and money, any site can be "ready." Manufacturing/Industrial clients need ready sites and communities. Local, Regional, and State Economic Development organizations need competitive sites. lnSite's process guarantees ready sites and communities for both industries and communities by eliminating potential site RISKS.

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