Site Selection and Incentive Negotiation Services

We analyze locations and incentives for companies — new, expanding or consolidations. The site selection process and choosing a location for a new site has a lasting impact on the success of any corporation’s venture, making it one of the most crucial factors in the site planning process. The most optimized operation in the wrong location can be a disaster! Our foremost objective is to find a location that grants maximum
site capability; operational flexibility; available, client-specific labor pool; lowest operating costs and a
favorable overall business climate.

A Client Story

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Appalachian Power

Why Choose InSite for Site Selection?

The process should always begin with a location that meets the overall operational needs of the client.
True “site location” consultants are not easy to find.

The InSite team includes individuals with demonstrated experience and capabilities, to include corporate finance, engineering, and economic development – which makes us unique. Our methodology is based on an engineering/construction-based model, infused with high-performance labor and financial modeling to render quantifiable, transparent results. The purpose of the process is to research, exhaust and quantify all sites, labor, financial and incentive options that will impact our client’s bottom line. We develop a recurring and nonrecurring cost analysis on each finalist site, so our clients can gain perspective on what it will cost to operate in each location.
Our methodology is proven, as we have performed hundreds of successful site selection and incentive negotiation services for some of the world's best-known companies including Shell Oil, Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar, Simmons,
Fluor Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Navistar, Krebs Engineering, Taiwan Semiconductor and Levi Strauss

InSite is one of the oldest, most experienced site selection firms in the industry. Our experience dates back to when the industry was first defined and developed by the world’s largest engineering, procurement, and construction firm (Fluor) and manufacturing firm, Philip Morris. We have been in the business of targeting and quantifying sites as ready and optimizing incentive packages for our site selection clients for over five decades.

The site/building selection process is one of elimination, not inclusion. Our methodology focuses on finding and eliminating all risk items associated with each location. Each location is forced through a risk-filter process, where at each layer of analysis, the location is considered either retained for further consideration or eliminated. Our process focuses on finding and exhausting all sites/buildings, labor, operational costs, and incentive items associated with each location under consideration by our client. Just a couple of distinguishing items about InSite’s negotiation services
(this is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee future results):

  • Simmons|$13 million investment | 75 jobs |$8 million in incentives.
  • NGC|$20 million investment | 50 jobs | $14 million in incentives.
  • American Zinc Recycling II|$460 million investment | 200 jobs | $58 million in incentives.
  • American Zinc Recycling I|$90 million investment | 50 jobs | $35 million in incentives.

Our Site Selection and Incentive Negotiation Services Equal Cash and Bottom-Line Savings

A significant percentage of available incentive dollars are being left on the table by companies executing site selection and incentive negotiations in-house. Companies do an excellent job in their core competency, but to realize the full array of incentives, cash, and credits available to them, they need the assistance of a firm whose core competency is in site selection and incentive negotiation. The tax benefit and incentive landscape are complicated and difficult to maneuver. As can be seen from our client list, many successful companies have utilized InSite to capture all incentives relative to their project and ensure they receive all credits and incentives they are entitled to.

Examples of incentives (to name a few) negotiated:

  • Cash grants upfront for site development; land and / or building cost offsets; machinery and equipment purchase; free land; free building; reduced recurring costs (electric, water, etc.); reduction in property tax liability; and reduction in Federal Income Tax Lability.
  • New Market Tax Credits.
  • Opportunity Zones.
  • Finding a construction-ready site, with the most incentives, in an optimal economic location is a trained trade and decision-making methodology.

When a company needs to find a site for their next operation and needs a bullet-proof feasibility analysis for their ownership or board of directors, InSite’s professionals and methodology deliver. And keep in mind, state and local economic development professionals may try to convince you that they can execute your “site/building selection” for free, or you may think this to be the case. Those individuals work for the state or locality they represent and are charged with getting clients to locate awarding the least amount of incentives. So, they are protecting their best interests.
The client needs to have their interests protected by an unbiased party, InSite, who knows all the angles for incentives so that money is not left on the table.

We do it faster than anyone else in the business!
Our process is transparent to our client from the very beginning to the very end.
Each step is quantified. Each decision is quantified

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